The mission of Student Affairs Assessment and Staff Development is to improve organizational effectiveness in Student Affairs by coordinating planning, assessment, and research activities and providing staff development opportunities that facilitate learning and build community.

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In the spirit of promoting the impact of UGA Student Affairs departments and staff, Assessment and Staff Development has compiled a list of award and recognition opportunities from professional organizations related to student affairs. ASD recognizes this is not an exhaustive list and welcomes the contribution of additional award opportunities, as we make regular updates to this document. Staff are encouraged to review the document and showcase the excellent work of UGA Student Affairs by nominating a colleague, department, or program..

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The Division of Student Affairs enhances the learning environment for students. We accomplish this by stimulating the learning process, integrating in-class and out-of-class experiences, promoting an environment conducive to growth and discovery, and facilitating intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational, physical, cultural, and emotional development. 

As a means for facilitating learning for our students, the Division has identified specific areas, referred to as objectives, in which we seek to promote student growth and development through intentionally structured Student Affairs programs and services.