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Fred Brown Memorial Award

Fred Brown, who lived from 1943-1992, once said that he inspired student leadership at The University of Georgia.

At each year’s Induction Ceremony, an Arch Society member is chosen by the current class to receive the Fred Brown Memorial Award.

Fred Brown was a creative and energetic educator who set a standard for excellence in student programming and leadership development that endures at the University of Georgia today. 

Following graduation from The University of Georgia in 1967 with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, Fred taught in Athens public schools before joining the Department of Student Activities as a graphic artist and program advisor. In 1976, he was named Assistant Director of Student Activities and served in that capacity until 1979. He then returned to Taylor County to establish a regional arts and crafts festival.

During Fred Brown’s time on UGA’s campus in the late sixties and seventies, he profoundly influenced the lives of student leaders and created an energy in student life that will never be forgotten. Within Memorial Hall, Fred devoted great effort to engineering special events, innovative programs, and exciting activities of a quality and scale that resulted in active involvement within a student body that was rapidly increasing in numbers.

His abilities benefitted numerous campus organizations and clubs, including the golden Key Honor Society chapter which he established on campus in 1978.

After Fred’s departure from campus, during the years spent working on his arts festival, he continued to stay involved with the University, supporting its alumni programs and maintaining contact with former students he had advised. His last years were characterized by poor health due to a heart condition, but Fred’s spirit and love of life remained undiminished until the day of his death on August 31, 1992.

The University’s Arch Society was in its infancy when Fred Brown’s life ended. However, the leadership abilities and public service qualities espoused by the Arch Society members today embody those traits that Fred admired and encouraged throughout his student affairs career at UGA. The Fred Brown Award, given to an Arch Society member for outstanding contributions to the campus, is a fitting personal tribute to an individual who loved the University and who worked tirelessly to inspire leadership among its student body.

Eric Okanume (2022-2023)
Suvitha Viswanathan (2021-2022)
29th Class of Arch Society (2020-2021)
Nia Freeman (2019-2020)
Seonghyun Cho (2018-2019)
Linda Tejada (2017-2018)
Juhi Varshney (2016-2017)
Bert Thompson (2015-2016)
Kristen Lemaster (2014-2015)
Lesley Rios (2013-2014)
Marshall Mosher (2012-2013)
Juliette Collins (2011-2012)
Will Ginn (2010-2011)
Allie Chambers (2009-2010)
Beau Gilmore (2008-2009)
William Draper (2007-2008)
Mehual Shah (2006-2007)
Matthew Wilson (2005-2006) 
Kenneth L. Johnson (2004-2005)
Keane Johnson (2003-2004)
Corey Dortch (2002-2003)
Laura Pearson (2001-2002)
Deb Allen (2000-2001)
Renita Jain (1999-2000)
Melanie Davis (1998-1999)
Charlie Bethel (1997-1998)
Sarah Carr (1996-1997)
Rob Teilhet (1995-1996)
Kim Wuenker (1994-1995) 

Tom Cochran Service Award

“Arch Society provides its members with an opportunity to meet people they might not have otherwise met, go places they might not have otherwise gone, and see this University from a perspective they might not have otherwise had.” – Mr. Tom Cochran

The Tom Cochran Service Award is given to the Arch Society member who spends the most hours serving the University. The award was created in the spirit of the founder, Mr. Tom Cochran, who dedicated 28 years to the University and to the students he loves. His passion inspires students in their efforts to blaze new trails and leave their legacy on campus.

Mr. Cochran earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in Philosophy and Religion and his Theology Degree from Emory University.

He began working for UGA in 1974 as a Student Activities Accountant and later moved to the Vice President’s Office. Mr. Cochran and his wife, Frances, have been married for over 35 years and have two children and one grandchild. Mr. Cochran retired from the University of Georgia on November 22, 2002. Arch Society will continue to serve the University with humility and dedication made famous by Mr. Cochran to further continue his legacy.

Emily Armstrong (2022-2023)
Harika Manne (2022-2023)
Tate Hunda (2021-2022)
Cameron Falk (2020-2021)
Armando Roche (2019-2020)
Keegan Householder (2018-2019)
Isabel Carvallo (2017-2018)
Gio Navarro (2016-2017)
Sena Ahiayibor (2015-2016)
Kegan Antone (2014-2015)
Christen Baskerville (2013-2014)
Silki Modi (2012-2013)
Jonathan Trebble-Greening (2011-2012)
Alan Goodno (2010-2011)
Eddie Lovett, Jr. (2010-2011)
Alan Goodno (2009-2010)
Shruit Suresh (2009-2010)
Victoria Lee (2008-2009)
Mason McFalls (2008-2009)
Kevin Killips (2007-2008)
Kathryn Otorsina (2006-2007)
Mycla Palmer (2005-2006) 
Keauna Gregory (2004-2005)
Linton Mann (2003-2004)
Keane Johnson (2002-2003)
Paula Acree (2001-2002)
Laura Pearson (2000-2001)
Kyle Wingfienld (1999-2000)
Heather Nelson (1998-1999)
Peyton Dumleton (1998-1999)

Victor K. Wilson Community Service Award

The Victor K. Wilson Community Service Award, a new award proposed by members of the 31st Class of Arch Society, goes to the member who spends the most hours serving the Athens community. This award was created to honor the legacy of Victor K. Wilson and the passion and support he brought to Arch Society from 2013-2023 as the Arch Society’s Faculty Advisor. His care for students and dedication to the Athens community, including his service on the boards of several local organizations, inspires Arch Society members to commit to outreach beyond their campus share.

Vice President Victor Wilson earned his undergraduate degree in Social Work and his master’s degree in Education from the University of Georgia.

He began work at the University of Georgia in 1983 as the Director of New Student Orientation and Assistant Director of Admissions. He also served as the Assistant to the President and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. From 2013-2023, he served as the Vice President for Student Affairs for the University of Georgia. Vice President Wilson is a father and grandfather following the birth of his granddaughter, Nora Elaine, in 2022. 

Jamye Thigpen (2022-2023)


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