Annual Review (January/February)

  • Suggested video resource: Performance Review Foundations
    *Please note that the videos referenced in this document are only intended as a resource and every supervisor should have a discussion with their own supervisor before implementing any new major human resources initiative in their department.
  • Before the annual review, the supervisor will send the supervisee an informal performance self-assessment that includes the tasks and responsibilities which will be on the annual performance evaluation form. The supervisee should complete the worksheet and return to the supervisor no less than two business days prior to the actual annual review.
  • Before the meeting, the supervisor will fill out the annual performance evaluations form and will review the performance self-assessment submitted by the supervisee. This will help the supervisor focus time and thought on any gaps between the supervisor’s assessment and the supervisee’s self-assessment. 
  • The supervisor will obtain their supervisor’s signature on the annual performance evaluation prior to meeting with the supervisee.
  • During this meeting, the supervisor and the supervisee will engage in the university’s annual review process. This meeting should be reflective of the conversations that have taken place during meetings throughout the year. The supervisor will utilize the annual performance evaluation form as well as the supervisee’s informal performance self-assessment.
  • After the meeting, the supervisor will submit the signed copy of the evaluation via SendFiles to Brandie Pentecost for central maintenance of these records. The departmental HR representative will maintain the physical copy of the evaluation.
  • At the completion of the meeting, both the supervisor and the supervisee will initial the Record of Supervisory Meetings to indicate their mutual agreement that the meeting occurred.
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