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University of Georgia logo.
  1. If working with a vendor, ensure they are a licensed vendor of the University of Georgia. Click here to view a list of licensed vendors.
  2. Provide the final art exactly as it will appear on the printed/produced item. When working with a vendor, provide the final art proof from the vendor.
  3. Complete the trademark use approval form.
  4. Send an email to and copy the appropriate communications contact for your area, and attach the final art and the trademark use approval form. 

List of communications contacts:

University Housing: Carrie Campbell (

University Health Center: Steve Rose (

Recreational Sports, Club Sports, Intramural Teams, and other student organizations advised out of Recreational Sports: Stan Jackson (

Student organizations advised out of Engagement, Leadership, and Service, Office of the Dean of Students, Disability Resource Center, Student Care and Outreach, Student Veterans Resource Center, Tate Student Center, and University Testing Services: Amber George (

All other Division of Student Affairs departments: Stan Jackson (

You will receive feedback and/or approval swiftly. 

***The vendors participate in a separate approval process directly with University Trademarks. They may say “I’ve already gotten approval from the University.” You should not proceed until YOU have the signed trademarks use approval form in hand. You need this internal approval for your records, and most importantly, for payment!

***If your organization is advised directly out of a school or college, please contact that school or college’s communciations department for trademark use approval of your items. 

Please build at least two weeks for art and logo use approval into your production timelines to allow time for possible requested tweaks and edits. This means two weeks before your due date to send approval to your printer for on-time delivery, not two weeks from your expected delivery date. We desire to be respectful of your timeline and do our utmost to be as swift and efficient in the approval process as possible, but we are unable to approve non-compliant logo and trademark use, regardless of the urgency of your timeline. 

The following items must be submitted to and with the trademark use approval form for approval:

  • any products, apparel, and merchandise created for internal (promotional items/giveaways/awards/trophies/nametags) or external (fundraiser/sale items) usage.
  • paid advertising materials

The following items require approval only from your department’s communications contact with no trademark use form needed:

  • brochures, magazines, annual reports, catalogs, invitations, printed calendars, cards, flyers, folders, newsletters, posters

The University of Georgia logo, including Student Affairs division, department and program logos, and its basic configurations may be used by any program which has a formal association with the University of Georgia. These logos are to be used for non-profit purposes, unless formally licensed through Fermata Partners, our licensing partner, and in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this publication. The athletic marks will continue to be used for athletic-related activites.

Any intended use of the University of Georgia name or logo on merchandise, whether it is to be sold or given away, must be approved by the Office of Trademark Management and Licensing Office in the Marketing & Communications office. Additionally, use of the logo by Student Affairs departments and student organizations must likewise be approved by Student Affairs Communications and Marketing Initiaves. Further approvals may be required at the department level, at the department’s discretion. 

In addition to the guidlines provided by the University, there are a few processes and guidelines specific to Student Affairs logo and trademark usage.

Click here to view the Student Affairs Visual Identity Guidelines.

Logo Use Approval Form

Licensed Vendors

Once on the UGA Brand Resources page, scroll down to the "Approved Vendors" list.

Student Affairs Visual Identity Guidelines

University of Georgia Trademark Policy

UGA Visual Style Guide

Student Affairs Logo Download Center

UGA Digital Art Sheet/Trademarks

UGA Logo Download Center

University of Georgia Font Set

Includes Trade Gothic, Merriweather, and Oswald font sets.

UGA Athletics Brand Manual

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