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UGA parents’ grant program awards nearly $5 million to campus organizations over 10 years

This year, the University of Georgia Parents Leadership Council celebrates the 10th anniversary of its grants program, which has given more than $4.6 million to initiatives across campus and enhanced the college experience of countless UGA students.

The PLC is a service-oriented group of highly engaged parents who provide funding to the university through their annual gifts. Once a year, through the PLC Grants Program, the council awards money to campus organizations that have a commitment to enhancing undergraduate student life.

The PLC Grants Program started with about 150 PLC families who awarded nearly $145,000 to 22 organizations. Today, the council has grown to more than 250 families contributing $5,000 or more each year, increasing the program’s impact exponentially. In total, the council has received roughly 540 grant applications and awarded more than $4.6 million. Many of the recipients have received multiple grants through the years, such as the University Health Center’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services and Campus Kitchen.

“To provide the best learning environment possible, we have to do whatever we can to meet the ongoing needs of our students,” said Victor K. Wilson, vice president for student affairs. “These grants and support from parents have and continue to do so much to change lives, and we’re grateful and encourage more parents to get involved in this impactful initiative.”

This year, the PLC is giving more than ever before, pledging $875,000 to 100 organizations, and the best indicators of the program’s impact are the grant recipients themselves.

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