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New Safety App – UGA

To promote safety and emergency preparedness across the University of Georgia community, UGA has launched a new safety app called UGA Safe. This app replaces the existing LiveSafe app. Please download the UGA Safe app from the Google Play store or the Apple App store.

The UGA Safe app offers users several important safety features and enhancements:

  • Mobile Bluelight: immediately calls the UGA Police and shares your location in real-time with the police.  
  • Friend Walk: sends your location in real-time to a friend so they can monitor you as you walk to your destination. 
  • Chat with UGA Police: allows users to report a concern by texting with the UGA Police. 
  • What to do in an Emergency: offers tips for responding to an emergency to help you take immediate action. 
  • UGA Well-Being: links to UGA Well-Being resources from UGA Student Affairs. 
  • Report a Tip: allows users to submit crime, safety and other concerns to the UGA Police Department along with pictures and/or video. 
  • UGA Alert: sends alerts from the UGA Alert emergency notification system through the app and allows users to review a history of previous alerts.

Please note that LiveSafe, UGA’s former mobile safety app, will be discontinued on September 1, 2022. We encourage LiveSafe users to download the new UGA Safe app now from the Google Play or Apple App stores. Login using your UGA MyID or register as a guest to take advantage of the features listed above.

You can find more information about the UGA Safe app at Please contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness at or 706-542-5845 with any questions. 

UGAAlert will still be utilized for emergency notification including email, text and voice phone calls. For more information about UGAAlert, including how to download the UGAAlert desktop application, visit

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