Commitment to an Inclusive Community Award

Congratulations to the 2021 - 2022 Commitment to an Inclusive Community Award recipient:

Caroline Resop-Bowman

Caroline’s nominator said the following:

“In addition to being a stellar clinical staff member and a compassionate manager, Caroline Resop-Bowman is unwavering in her commitment to service, diversity and inclusion. With her background in Women’s Studies and International Affairs prior to her Master’s degree in Nursing, Caroline brings a thoughtful eye to issues of belonging and representation that is too often elusive in the medical field. Caroline is an advocate for her patients, staff, and a true ally in every sense of the word. Recently Caroline led an initiative to change the name of her clinic from “Women’s Clinic” to Gynecology Clinic to represent all patients with gynecological needs in the UGA community. She meets regularly with providers, administrators, clinical informatics, CAPS, and other external partners to ensure all patients are given the same opportunity to feel safe and welcome in UHC. This is evidenced in her work: from editing the wording of health templates to the education of her team members (and others). Caroline stays up to date on not only clinical care, but qualitative research to ensure her patients, and all the patients at the UHC are greeted and treated in a manner reflective of the dignity of all human beings. Her efforts are tireless and her passion is evident, though she prefers to operate behind the scenes.

Caroline is a valued member of the Sexual Assault Response Committee. She commits herself to continuing education to address patient needs. Further, she volunteered her clinic pilot a new screening to ensure those in crisis and/or in need of help are able to access resources. For Caroline, it is not just enough to send people to another department; she digs in – researching and relating to their situations and needs. Her patients are well loved and well represented. Recently, Caroline has volunteered to chair a committee addressing issues around Health Equity in marginalized populations of the UGA community. She understands the necessity of this work not only to minimize poor outcomes in her patients, but to truly embed her work with well-being and honor for all people.

In addition to all the work in her own clinic and the many committees where her perspective is valued, Caroline has given hundreds of immunizations this year in an effort to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider Caroline Resop-Bowman for this award as the great work she does here may not be as immediately evident as a stitched laceration, but is undoubtedly making a huge impact on the UGA community.”

Recipient: Individual or Group

Do you have a coworker who strives to make their work more inclusive of others?  Did you collaborate with another department/area to enhance a program or service to ensure it was more accessible for others?

This award recognizes an individual or a group of individuals within UGA Student Affairs who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion in consideration of affordability, ability, identity, and access.

Nominations will be evaluated according to one or more of the following criteria:

  • Advancing diversity and inclusion awareness, knowledge, and skills within the UGA community
  • Developing innovative methods for increasing and valuing diversity through wide-ranging activities or systems
  • Creating opportunities for students and/or staff to foster respect across difference
  • Promoting the advancement of equity and inclusion in daily work, institutional policies, and practices
  • Advocating for the interests of underrepresented and marginalized populations
  • Establishing or participating in staff development opportunities intended to increase understanding and awareness
  • Individual nominees must serve as a current UGA Student Affairs staff member at time of nomination – at least one person in a group nomination must serve as a current UGA Student Affairs staff member at time of nomination

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