Student Affairs’ learning strategy is quite simple – deliver quality learning experiences beyond the classroom. This strategy extends Student Affairs’ current framework for student learning by shifting focus from discrete opportunities to a system of interconnected and sequential learning experiences.


Hallmarks of the Student Affairs Learning Strategy

  1. Not all Student Affairs offerings are learning experiences. Student Affairs offers an array of activities, programs, and resources ranging from transactional services to programs designed solely to promote students’ sense of belonging.  These offerings are essential to fulfilling the mission of Student Affairs.
  2. Learning experiences actively facilitate learning. Active facilitation of learning requires Student Affairs staff to design experiences from a learner-centered approach and to apply concepts from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
  3. Sequential learning experiences promote increasingly complex learning. Just as in the academic curriculum, learning experiences range from introductory to advanced allowing students to expand their learning.
  4. Learning experiences belong to pathways that extend throughout Student Affairs. Pathways allow students to identify experiences that reinforce and build upon one another regardless of the host department or area.

Learning & Improvement

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Annie Carlson Welch
Assistant to the VP for Student Affairs – Learning & Improvement