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As people, we all want to hear from other human beings. We trust them. And even though the University of Georgia is an institution, the last way we would ever want to sound is institutional. So we ensure that our brand has a human personality, a human spirit and a human voice. Through the right tone and attitude, and through careful word choice, our messages resonate with our audiences and create an identity that is ours alone.

In recent years, branding in higher education has become critical to engaging audiences, shifting perceptions and communicating a university’s mission to the world. With our brand, the University of Georgia has the power to educate and inspire, and so does our story.

“To inspire students” is a purposeful commitment. It goes beyond mere preparation for life beyond graduation. The world-class education provided by the University of Georgia not only equips students with the knowledge and skills to tackle some of the world’s grand challenges, but also inspires them through meaningful experiences that compel them to lead.

UGA Student Affairs fully embraces the University’s emphasis on rigorous learning experiences, hands-on research, and leadership opportunities. Some of the longest lasting impressions from UGA students’ college careers will be from their involvement with Student Affairs. Through our focus on the engagement, intellect and character of each student, we take great pride in the value that Student Affairs’ learning experiences add to a University of Georgia degree.

To inspire students to engage meaningfully, grow intellectually, and build character so they will create thriving communities.

Lifelong Learning
We are always learning and open to growth, and we foster this in others.

We value full participation for all, with equity and respect.

We seek the best in all we do.

We are here #forthestudents.

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Annie Carlson Welch
Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs