• Nominations for Student Affairs Staff Awards may be submitted by all current Student Affairs staff, including student assistants. Self-nominations are welcome.
  • Following the nomination deadline, nominees in all categories are posted on the Staff Awards website.
  • For the Vice President’s Dwight Douglas Award, there are no formal nominees. The Vice President or a designee will independently determine the recipient.
  • For all other awards, an initial round of review with the Student Affairs Administrative Team and given supervisors determines the nominees to be presented to the screening committee for award consideration.
  • An screening committee, comprised of staff from representative departments across Student Affairs, along with a representative from a campus unit external to Student Affairs, reviews the selected nominees. In the event a committee member is also a nominee, that committee member will not participate in the discussion for the given award. The committee confers and determines its recommended award recipient in each category.
  • The Vice President for Student Affairs reviews the committee’s recommended recipients and makes a final determination of recipients in each category.
  • In the event a particular category does not receive sufficient nominations or yield a recommended recipient, the Vice President or a designee makes a determination of whether and to whom the award may be given.
  • Award recipients are announced at the Annual Student Affairs Celebration at the end of each academic year.

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Staff Awards

The Student Affairs Staff Awards, given to deserving staff across the division and the University, recognize outstanding accomplishments and leadership in student affairs at the University of Georgia.


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