Congratulations to the 2021 - 2022 Emerging Leader award recipient:

Carrie Campbell!

Carrie’s nominator had the following to say:

“In her nearly 10 years, she continues to grow her position well beyond its initial conception, making Carrie an asset. Under Carrie’s leadership, she expanded her team and overhauled the website, adding more videos, streamlining content, updating room layouts, and providing 360-degree videos of halls/ rooms. She superbly designed/streamlined publications, created e-newsletters, and launched social media platforms, which have been well received by students/families. In the last year, 88 videos were created for our YouTube channel, which led to a 17% increase of subscribers, generated 1.4M impressions and saw more than 70,800 views. Additionally, Carrie serves on many committees and fulfilled 31 creative briefs in just the last year, doing an exceptional job ensuring marketing efforts align with the University’s voice/branding.

What makes Carrie truly inspiring is her steadfast commitment to student success. Carrie is a UGA grad, who lived in Church Hall as an undergrad. She understands firsthand living on-campus is more than ‘heads on beds’ and is committed to helping today’s student have a meaningful experience. Carrie ensures our website/publications are Section 508 compliant. She strives to provide an exemplary hall tour experience by collaborating with campus offices to sponsor rooms (giving students/families a chance to learn about campus resources while touring). During the pandemic, Carrie attempted a smooth and typical experience for our incoming students. To do that, she created a New Student Hub on the website, held weekly webinars in addition to in-person orientation sessions, and created 15 weekly e-newsletters to introduce resources they will find on campus as well as generate excitement about fall. In addition, Carrie was instrumental in how we are rethinking/rebranding our undergraduate housing in University Village to UV East – a more intentional undergraduate experience with a stronger staffing pattern and focused programming model for that population.

In support of students, Carrie actively engages with the Division’s strategic priorities. Carrie does an excellent job telling the story of diverse student experiences through the website, presentations, publications and social media. Carrie created a Well-being webpage and updates it regularly to adjust to evolving needs. She launched a student vlogger and social media ambassador program and trained them to use their own unique voice to highlight their on-campus experience, which then led her to successfully establishing these positions as Experiential Learning internships.

Although recent years have been challenging due to COVID and facilities-related issues, Carrie used crises as opportunities to create more regular communications with students to help them know what’s going on yet still feel connected. As an example, she created a ‘What to Expect’ webpage for residents needing to quarantine/isolate. When students had to relocate due to facilities issue, she sent ongoing communications to keep students apprised of repair progress and let them know we did not forget about them while in temporary assignments.
Although Carrie does a lot to promote, support and engage students, she also contributes to the field of Student Affairs. Carrie regularly shares her initiatives with other UGA departments for their adaptation and use and presents programs at the annual ACUHO-I Business Operations conference.

Finally, Carrie’s approach is also data driven. When Carrie and her staff piloted a digital signage program, she assessed students to gain insight on its success, made some tweaks and expanded the program to other halls. Similarly, as she worked to shift the website platform, she assessed users to understand how they navigate the housing site to inform a better design/layout to meet user needs. In 2021, Carrie helped develop a survey that assessed students’ sense of belonging at the beginning and end of the fall semester. Her efforts will help inform staff as they work on refining the residential curriculum.

Carrie has amazing amounts of ingenuity and creativity. She cares about students and her work, and she sees how she directly connects to the institutional mission. She has great innovation and vision and frequently excels beyond her day-to-day responsibilities making her a model for excellence. It is for her phenomenal commitment to student success, exemplary work, and her positive impact to the community that I nominate Carrie for this award.”

Recipient: Individual

Do you have a staff member with enormous potential? Are you someone that isn’t “new” but feel that you continually exceed expectations?

This award recognizes a UGA Student Affairs staff member who has at least 3 years of professional experience, not all of which have to be in UGA Student Affairs. This staff member, regardless of position or title, exceeds the responsibilities of their position in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to student success.

Nominations will be evaluated according to one or more of the following criteria:

  • Performing job responsibilities in an exemplary manner
  • Inspiring others by demonstrating a commitment to the values, mission, and vision of UGA Student Affairs
  • Prioritizing a steadfast commitment to student success through their work
  • Positively impacting, engaging, and/or supporting the Division and UGA community
  • Contributing to their field through conference presentations, digital/print publications, or a volunteer role(s)
  • Nominee serves as a staff member in UGA Student Affairs with a minimum of 3 years of total professional experience (not only at UGA) at time of nomination

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