The Division of Student Affairs is pioneering the use of SkillSurvey for the University of Georgia. SkillSurvey is a career readiness tool utilized to help students understand their career readiness strengths in the top competencies desired by employers.

SkillSurvey uses a 360º review of the student’s performance in their role as a student employee or as an experiential learning activity participant. Students are provided the opportunity to self-reflect on their career readiness, while also having the opportunity to receive feedback from the student’s supervisor and their peers.

Each department chooses the dates for administering SkillSurvey to their students. Students will receive an e-mail link inviting them to take a self-evaluation of their career readiness. Additionally, the student’s supervisor and a peer (if applicable) will also receive a link to evaluate the student. After all evaluations have been completed, students will receive a summary of their career readiness report.

SkillSurvey will assist students in understanding their strengths and areas of growth in relation to career readiness levels. Student employees in the Division of Student Affairs will have the opportunity to review their unique data, meet with staff members, and track their career readiness progression each year.