To succeed in an ever-changing, interconnected future, more than ever, students need to develop and learn to apply discipline-crossing core competencies. As emphasized in findings from the National Academies of Sciences, the future will require educational opportunities that “increasingly emphasize creativity, adaptability, and interpersonal skills” to offer students the fullest opportunity to pursue their professional and personal ambitions in a dynamic world, throughout a lifetime.

Student Affairs Essential Skills

Student Affairs has identified the following core competencies as central to the development of UGA students:

  • Agility: Navigating ambiguity, adversity, and opportunity by reframing circumstances and engaging with action-oriented problem solving.  
  • Communication: Utilizing a contextually conscious exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives.
  • Critical Thinking: Pursuing and examining information in order to establish a decision, action, or solution.  
  • Leadership & Collaboration: Engaging in the relational process of optimizing personal and collective strengths to foster positive, ongoing change in one’s communities.
  • Social Awareness & Responsibility: Challenging assumptions and promoting inclusion by understanding the individuality and interdependence of people, their communities, and a global society.    

Learn more about the Student Affairs Essential Skills initiative and the Learning Collaborative.