The University of Georgia’s Experiential Learning initiative provides students opportunities to connect their academic foundations to internships, research, service-learning, study abroad, and other forms of experiential learning. UGA Student Affairs actively contributes to the Experiential Learning initiative by offering diverse learning opportunities built on the Division’s learning strategy.

Currently, more than 70 Student Affairs programs have been approved for inclusion on the University’s Experiential Learning transcript for their contributions to student development and growth. Assistant to the VP, Annie Carlson Welch (acarlsonwelch@uga.edu), facilitates the Experiential Learning proposal and designation process for all departments within Student Affairs.

The University Curriculum Experiential Learning subcommittee reviews and approves programs based on the following criteria:

  1. Student engagement in the activity is equivalent to the time spent in a one-credit hour course (approximately 45 hours minimum, but other intensive activities may apply)
  2. Students engaged in the activity receive significant mentorship/advisement/supervision, training, and feedback from a qualified UGA Student Affairs staff member
  3. Participants engage in summative and significant reflection, discussion, evaluation, and/or an exit interview at the conclusion of the program
  4. The activity can be classified as a creative, global, internship, leadership, research, or service experience
  5. The activity has measurable student learning outcomes in two of the following areas: challenge, ownership, and self or social awareness

UGA Student Affairs employs a centralized approach to the Experiential Learning proposal and designation process.

  1. Complete the Student Affairs Experiential Learning intake form
    • Submit any additional materials that may be helpful in the proposal submission process (e.g., applications, position descriptions, organization constitutions) to Annie Carlson Welch.
    • Samples of completed intake forms may be found here:
  2. Office of the VP staff will draft a formal Experiential Learning proposal, in collaboration with your department.

After receiving approval from the University Curriculum Experiential Learning subcommittee, EL activity directors are responsible for managing the EL-designated activity in accordance with both institutional and divisional expectations.

  • Before the Experiential Learning activity
    • Attend training for EnGAge Georgia, the online activity management tool employed by the Office of Experiential Learning
    • Verify all Experiential Learning program details are updated and correct in EnGAge Georgia
    • Add all anticipated participants to each EL program in EnGAge Georgia
  • During the Experiential Learning activity
    • Employ EnGAge Georgia as desired to manage student participation in the Experiential Learning activity
  • Following the Experiential Learning activity
    • Verify student participation/completion of requirements in EnGAge Georgia


  • Introduction to Radio Broadcasting
  • Introduction to Yearbook Copywriting
  • Introduction to Yearbook Design
  • Introduction to Yearbook Photography


  • Student Tour of Georgia


  • Aquatics Program Assistant
  • Competitive Sports Program Assistant
  • Dawg Camp Media Intern
  • Dean of Students Information Technology Assistant
  • Division of Student Affairs Employment Experience
  • Division of Student Affairs Internship
  • DRC Testing Assistant II/III
  • Facility Operations Program Assistant
  • Fitness Monitor Program Assistant
  • Group Fitness Program Assistant
  • Housing Social Media Ambassadors
  • International Student Life Student Employee
  • ISL Communications Intern
  • Office of Student Conduct Intern
  • Personal Training Program Assistant
  • Rec Sports Fellows Program
  • Recreational Sports Marketing Assistant
  • Senior World Leaders
  • Student Affairs Communications Internship
  • Student Affairs Communications Videography Internship
  • Student Affairs Media Assistant
  • Student Veterans Resource Center Intern
  • Sustainability Ambassadors
  • University Housing Video Producer
  • University Testing Services Student Intern


  • BeYou Peer Educators
  • CLASS Advocate (CA)
  • Community Standards Board
  • Dawg Camp Counselor
  • EcoReps
  • EL EDGE Leadership Program
  • First-Year Programs Director
  • First-Year Programs Peer Leaders
  • Fontaine Peer Mentor Program
  • Healthy Dawg Ambassadors
  • Homecoming Executive Board
  • National Residence Hall Honorary Executive Board
  • New RA Training Seminar Program
  • Pandora Executive Board
  • Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor
  • Residence Hall Association Executive Board
  • Resident Assistant (RA)
  • RSVP Peer Educators
  • Student Health Advisory Committee
  • Student Leadership Experience: LGBTRC Ambassador Program
  • Sustainability Ambassadors
  • The Arch Society
  • The LeaderShape Institute
  • Transfer Student Experience Peer Mentor Program
  • UGA Miracle Executive Board
  • UGA Miracle Executive Council
  • University Judiciary
  • University Judiciary Executive Council
    University Union Board of Directors
  • University Union Board of Directors Training
  • World Leaders
  • WUOG 90.5 Executive Board


  • Disability Resource Center Speakers Bureau
  • EL EDGE Service Program
  • IMPACT Participants
  • IMPACT Site Leader Experience/Training
  • ServeUGA Service Ambassadors

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