Vice President Wilson chatting with students on a bench on campus.

April, 2015

Ignorance Never Wins

Over the past few weeks, we have faced a number of challenges related to crude, hateful and cowardly anonymous comments posted on social media, particularly the mobile app Yik Yak. While we always encourage students to give little credence to such anonymous posts, which may or may not be genuine, words can still hurt. Many of these posts contain offensive, abusive content, antithetical to our values as an inclusive, socially just learning community. It can be hard to read these posts and believe that a safe, secure and equitable campus for all is possible. Yet I believe it is, and I refuse to let the real or joking immaturity and hate of others to crack the foundation of my belief.

My strong feeling is that the best response to troubling speech is more speech, including the down vote. When we each take responsibility to speak out against bias and injustice and affirm our shared values as a community of scholars, we all benefit. Of course, we have work to do to ensure all members of our community feel valued and can flourish. Please know we share this cause at UGA together—and we will succeed. Ignorance will never win, and in the end, it never has.
Let those few who chirp in anonymity hear the resounding swell of our voices raised in solidarity. This is now and will be forever our best recourse to drown out hate.

Be well,
Victor K. Wilson
Vice President for Student Affairs
The University of Georgia

The Office of the
Vice President
for Student Affairs

306 Memorial Hall
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From the Tate Center Parking Deck, take the elevator to the 3 rd floor. Walk across the courtyard with the UGA bookstore on your left hand side. Take the stairs up to the street. Cross Sanford Drive. Memorial Hall will be directly in front of you. Stay on the left side of the building and walk around to the side entrance for disability access. From the side door you can take the elevator to the third floor. If an elevator is not needed walk up all the stairs on the side of Memorial Hall and turn right, there you will see Reed Quad. Walk up the steps with the columns to the main entrance of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

For directions please call 706-542- 3564.