OneCard Technology Recommendation

March 21, 2018

TO:         University of Georgia ID Card Users
FROM:   OneCard Oversight Committee
RE:         Technology Recommendation and Next Steps


The OneCard Project:

The OneCard Oversight Committee’s charge is to position the University to respond to recent advances in card technologies, with the goal of creating and implementing a phased master plan for this transition, to include:

  1. identification of new technology standards to be implemented;
  2. a complete transition timeline that includes key milestones and dates that other technologies will no longer be supported;
  3. in-depth estimates of current and future operational costs as well as the transition costs;
  4. ID card usage policies as well as associated policies that clarify departmental and unit responsibilities; and
  5. a plan for reviewing card technology on an ongoing, periodic basis.


Technology Recommendation:

The OneCard Oversight Committee has diligently reviewed the ability of potential card technologies to meet the needs of the University community. After careful consideration, including an initial pilot, the OneCard Oversight Committee unanimously recommends the EV2 card technology. In the future, new cards will include the EV2/EV1 technology along with magstripe technology and a barcode, allowing the cards to remain compatible with most campus applications. This technology offers several key benefits:

  • added security that allows differentiation between various services and more rigorous security features where necessary; 
  • the ability to add new applications to the card without requiring the cardholder to visit the card office; (For example, if the card readers on the vending machines were transitioned to EV2 readers in the future, the card reader itself would update the ID card with this new functionality.  The card user would not need to visit the UGA Card office to add this functionality.)   
  • service for transportation, access control, micro payment, student cards, and event ticketing industries; and
  • an open architecture platform, allowing the University more freedom of choice in purchasing cards and readers

The OneCard Oversight Committee’s recommendations were unanimously approved by the project’s executive sponsors, Vice President for Information Technology Tim Chester, Vice President for Finance and Administration Ryan Nesbit, and Vice President for Student Affairs Victor K. Wilson.


Next Steps:

Now that the Committee has recommended a technology, they will turn their attention to the development of the transition timeline and budget. Please note, funding is planned to accommodate proximity and magstripe reader replacements as well as card replacements that were not previously planned or budgeted. The most immediate actions will include identifying and prepping several test site locations so the card’s functionality can be fully reviewed and vetted. This will involve specific groups of users testing the card technology with certain applications and will not impact their usage elsewhere since the new cards will continue to include the magstripe technology. 

Part of the phased implementation strategy will involve replacing proximity readers with EV2 readers capable of reading proximity cards. This strategy will avoid disruption for proximity card users, and those users will be made aware of plans well in advance of any changes. Should your department plan to replace existing card readers or a large group of user’s cards, please contact the OneCard Oversight Committee at for assistance in evaluating the best plan to position your department for the transition.

No action is required by campus at this time, but we continue to welcome your feedback. Please contact the OneCard Oversight Committee at or visit for the most up to date project information.


Thank you,

OneCard Oversight Committee Co-Chairs:

Brett Jackson
Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration and Assistant Director for Auxiliary Services

Amanda Patterson
Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff for Student Affairs