OneCard Sub-Committee Overview

In-Depth Examination of Services 
Charge:  Develop a full list of the card usage on campus, collecting feedback from campus about other usage that may not have been captured in the original reports. This may include surveying campus and additional interviews to determine priorities.
Chair:  Dee Matthews
Members:  Jason Battles

Communications Committee
Charge:  Develop communications to campus, as well as a website and FAQs for the project and support the work of the subcommittee.
Members:  Dee Matthews, Stan Jackson, Lynn Latimer Wilson

Charge: Identify 4- 5 potential pilot programs and the users of such programs so that we as a team are prepared to advise the consultants on some truly viable pilot projects.
Chair:  Jeff Swindle
Members:  Bill McGee, Mike Perkins and Michael Wharton

Technology Recommendation Committee
Charge:  Develop a Pros and Cons document that will assist the committee in making a final decision and will ultimately justify the decision.  Review and recommend opportunities for vendor presentations for the committee to become more familiar with the opportunities and how they can support UGA. 
Chairs:  Mike Perkins and Michael Wharton
Members:  Bill McGee, Jeff Swindle, Dee Matthews

Policy Committee
Charge:  Define the guiding principles for proper use of the card technologies available with the implementation of the new card.
Chairs:  Marshall Chalmers and Ben Myers
Members: Dee Matthews, and Brian Watson

Budget Committee
Charge:  Develop a full budget for the initial cost to replace the ID card and any underlying systems or hardware
Chair:  Carla Dennis
Members:  Jeff Teasley,Brett Jackson, Amanda Patterson

An additional future committee will include a Phased Implementation Committee that is immediately subsequent to the determination of the appropriate technology.