OneCard Oversight Committee

The OneCard Oversight Committee is a cross-functional governance committee created to formalize a phased master plan for the transition to a new OneCard strategy and technology for the UGA ID card, to include:

1.       identification of new technology standards to be implemented; 

2.       a complete transition timeline that includes key milestones and dates that other technologies will no longer be supported; 

3.       in-depth estimates of current and future operational costs as well as the transition costs; 

4.       ID card usage policies as well as associated policies that clarify departmental and unit responsibilities; and 

5.       a plan for reviewing card technology on an ongoing, periodic basis. 

Given the wide impact this technological transition will have on multiple units across campus, the OneCard Oversight Committee has developed several sub-committees to advise on the Committee on anlaysis, budget, and implementation plans that work best for the campus community. 

OneCard Technology Recommendation Memo

March 21, 2018

OneCard Technology FAQs

March 21, 2018

OneCard Oversight Committee FAQs

July 12, 2017

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