Vice President's Dwight Douglas Award

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Vice President's Dwight Douglas award recipient, Dr. Garth Russo!



This award recognizes an individual who has a demonstrated commitment to the mission and values of UGA Student Affairs. Recipients may or may not have direct contact with students but their efforts significantly contribute to the success of the Division. Staff members selected for this award are chosen directly by Vice President for Student Affairs, Victor K. Wilson.

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The Vice President’s Dwight Douglas Award for is named in honor of the University of Georgia’s first Vice President for Student Affairs. During a quarter-century as Vice President, Dr. Douglas helped create a highly trained, professional division that places student success at the center of its mission.

Staff selected for this award will meet one or more of the following areas:

  • Significantly contributing to the success of UGA Student Affairs
  • Inspiring students and/or staff to engage meaningfully with the UGA community
  • Contributing to the intellectual growth of others
  • Promoting the development of character in others
  • Demonstrating commitment to university and/or Division programs and initiatives
  • Advancing the mission and goals of UGA Student Affairs
  • Investing in continued growth and development of students, staff, and the Division

Previous Award Winners

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