Support Staff Member of the Year Award

Congratulations, Linden Mathis!

International Student Life

Linden's nominator wrote the following:

"It is with great pride I write this nomination to recognize the meaningful contributions of Linden Mathis, not only to International Student Life, but also to the entire UGA community. During her two years with ISL, Linden has become a truly vital member of our staff, role model for our student leaders, and example for how to find joy and humor in any situation in the workplace. Linden’s ability to focus on the small details and often predict a student or departmental need before it happens – and handle it without ever seeking recognition – is something I admire and appreciate about her.


Perhaps one of Linden’s most appreciated traits is her sense of humor and sense of levity she brings to the workplace. Administrative work can, at times, be dull and tedious. However, Linden finds a way to make that work fun and enjoyable each and every day. She sets a positive example for our student office assistants, encouraging them to find their own joy in the work they do in our office daily. Linden has taken the initiative to learn enough about each of her student employees to find ‘passion projects’ for each of them to taken on within their office assistant role, helping them see how their work connects to our office’s bigger picture and campus impact. Linden’s reputation as a thoughtful, thorough, and optimistic has allowed her to build meaningful connections across the division and the university.   


Looking at Linden’s day to day responsibilities in ISL, she quite frankly sets the pace for how ISL just ‘gets things done.’ No job is too small, no task too medial – Linden is ready to assist and help in whatever way she can. Linden’s knowledge of the OneSource transition and developing ways for our office to live track our multiple budgets has taken an incredible amount of time, attention to detail, and desire to go above and beyond her role to ensure that we as staff have the most accurate information possible when advising our student groups on financial matters and policies. Linden is each staff member's go-to person to making sure that we have completed an administrative task correctly and serves as a resource to other administrative staff in Memorial Hall as her reputation for being helpful and accurate – as well having the ability to explain complicated processes in a humble and digestible way to students and staff is highly regarded. Linden constantly finds ways to improve processes or procedures in ways that first and foremost benefit students, working to eliminate the complicated administrative overhead that many student organizations on campus experience.    


Perhaps the most important quality Linden exhibits in her role with ISL is her commitment to students and ensuring they have the best experience possible when interacting with our office. We encounter countless students each week, all with a variety of needs – space reservations, student organization reimbursements, tax assistance questions, trying to find another room in Memorial Hall – and she does so with patience, grace, and care. She is able to effectively communicate with students of all cultural backgrounds, responding effectively to the different needs, challenges, and successes that students bring to our office daily.   


Another example of Linden's commitment to our students is the hard work she put into developing an experiential learning component with our student office assistant positions. She identified the importance of the Federal Work Study program and crafted a wonderful and robust experiential learning aspect that would allow our student workers to learn, reflect, and grow during their time at ISL. What makes this accomplishment impressive is how much of her time she dedicates to enacting the experiential learning component by providing meaningful reflection meetings with each student worker.   


Linden is a truly integral part of the ISL and UGA Student Affairs community and we are so fortunate to have her as a part of our team. Although she is a ‘newer’ staff member at UGA, you would never know as she is regarded like she’s been here for years. I know I speak on behalf of the entire staff at ISL when I say that I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with her and believe that she is truly deserving of this recognition for her countless (often selfless) contributions to our office, UGA Student Affairs, our campus community, and most importantly our students."

Recipient: Individual

Do you know someone who works behind the scenes to ensure their department is successful? Do you want to help them get the recognition they deserve?

This award recognizes a UGA Student Affairs staff member serving in a support role (administrative support, building/facility services, security, etc.) who positively contributes to their department’s success and enhances the work environment.

Nominations will be evaluated according to one or more of the following criteria:

  • Performing job responsibilities in an exemplary manner
  • Promoting a positive environment in their office/department
  • Providing outstanding customer service
  • Striving for efficiency without compromising quality of work
  • Demonstrating attention to detail in all facets of performance
  • Actively supporting endeavors of the division or campus community
  • Nominee serves in a support staff role in UGA Student Affairs at time of nomination

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