Supervisor of the Year Award

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Supervisor of the Year recipient, Carolyn Arnold!


Carolyn's nominators had the following to say:

“I nominated my supervisor, Carolyn Arnold, for the 2019 - 2020 Student Affairs Staff Awards, but feel even stronger about my nomination for the 2020 - 2021 award, and wanted to try submitting again for your consideration. What a tough year 2020 was; something we have never seen in our lifetime. The impact of COVID-19 on our students, faculty, staff, etc. was beyond challenging. Our unit directly facilitated support for students that have an underlying health condition in which they might be at more risk for severe illness from COVID-19, and the increase in demand for services has been very high. Carolyn’s approach to managing her team created a sense of calm, problem-solving, and feeling well supported during a very high stress, tense time. This approach directly relates to how Carolyn’s team works with their students and I must be honest, I feel really good about how we are supporting students during a difficult period.

Simply put, Carolyn goes above & beyond to support her staff, and goes way beyond the call of duty! I believe that she has a strong interest in seeing myself and our team succeed; Carolyn has helped me grow, develop, and learn as a professional. I don’t mind mentioning that sometimes our work is very challenging, and things get busy very fast with thousands of students, but Carolyn always seems to have the time to say “come on in”, even with also managing her own student caseload. She always has an open ear for ideas, and is very creative with providing solutions and tips to help coordinators support students. Carolyn is very active in her work at UGA (i.e., being on several committees, writing department policy / procedure, etc.) – she inspires me to be a better Bulldawg!

I myself have a disability, and to have a supervisor that is extremely patient & understanding about my specific circumstances, in my experience, is a rare find; I feel lucky to learn from such a wonderful mentor. I believe Carolyn’s positive impact on our staff, and her students, is something that has helped me become a better employee, and human being. Our unit director even describes Carolyn as, “Wonder Woman”; I thought it would be valuable to pass that along to the committee.

Please consider Carolyn for this year’s award! I just know Carolyn will continue to inspire, educate, and do this work #ForTheStudents!”



“It is with great joy that I nominate DRC Assistant Director, Carolyn Arnold, for Student Affairs Supervisor of the Year.

One of the things that I admire most about Carolyn’s supervision style is her ability to create an authentic, balanced environment for her staff. Carolyn never asks anything of her supervisees that she would not do herself, and I know that when she asks for my assistance on a task, she genuinely values and trusts my opinions and expertise. Carolyn fosters a space for her supervisees to speak authentically and transparently, without creating a breeding ground for judgment or feelings of inferiority. Her dedication to improving staff morale, workload, and efficiency helps her team to remain dedicated even in the midst of difficult circumstances. She genuinely cares about her supervisees as human beings and reminds us that we matter outside of our 8-5 commitments. In short, Carolyn models the true, servant leadership that we should all aspire to within student affairs.

In a similar vein, Carolyn supports her staff members both internally and externally. I feel confident in making difficult decisions, because I know that Carolyn will provide appropriate guidance and support.  Carolyn’s feedback is always measured, considerate of the ways that her staff members will best receive it, and allows her staff to look at mistakes as a means for growth rather than failure.

I also value the transparency and honesty that Carolyn maintains in her supervisory role. When Carolyn does not immediately have an answer about something, she is honest, collaborates with others to inform her response, and gives an appropriate timeline for the research and analysis that an informed decision will take. Seeing her model this transparency and honesty helps me to instill these same values in my students.

I have had many supervisors throughout my time in student affairs, and I have never felt as supported as I have under Carolyn Arnold. I hope that you will give her the fullest consideration for UGA Student Affairs' Supervisor of the Year Award.”


Recipient: Individual

Is your supervisor amazing? Are you committed to the success of your employees?

This award is designed to recognize a UGA Student Affairs staff member who excels at supervising their staff and department. Individuals nominated for this award must currently supervise staff, which may include undergraduate students, graduate students, part-time employees, and/or full-time employees.

Nominations will be evaluated according to one or more of the following criteria:

  • Investing in continued growth and development of staff
  • Promoting the success of the team, department, and UGA Student Affairs, while supporting the needs of individual staff
  • Establishing a positive and motivating work environment
  • Positively impacting, engaging, and/or supporting the Division and UGA community
  • Nominee serves as a supervisor in UGA Student Affairs at time of nomination

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