Supervision Guide - Review and Check-In I

Review and Check-In I (April/May/June)

  • Suggested video resources: Coaching and Developing Employees, Coaching Employees Through Difficult Situations, Giving and Receiving Feedback
    *Please note that the videos referenced in this document are only intended as a resource and every supervisor should have a discussion with their own supervisor before implementing any new major human resources initiative in their department.
  • Supervisor and supervisee will review the list of expectations. Both individuals are encouraged to discuss any expectations that have been difficult for the supervisee to achieve, or any expectations that have been beneficial to the employee to implement. Questions during this meeting may include:
    • Am I meeting your performance expectation and or mutual expectations we established?
    • Is there anything that I need to start doing, stop doing, or continue doing to help us meet our goals as a department?
    • What are one or two things that you think I need to improve on? What does improvement look like in these areas?
  • You may also want to share how you’re feeling about:
    • Current projects and workflow
    • Communication flow
    • Your professional relationship with coworkers and your supervisor
  • Morale
    • What have you learned about yourself this year?
    • What do you enjoy about your work? What do you not enjoy?
    • How do you feel valued in your role?
  • The supervisor should consider closing the conversation by asking the supervisee how they can support them.
  • At the completion of the meeting, both the supervisor and the supervisee will initial the Record of Supervisory Meetings to indicate their mutual agreement that the meeting occurred.