Student Affairs Graduate Assistantships Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes Frequently Asked Questions from potential candidates looking for more information about graduate assistantships for Student Affairs and partner departments at the University of Georgia.


When do applications open and close?

  • Applications open December 2, 2021 and close January 10, 2022. To view the timeline for applications and the selection process, click here.

What information is asked for in the assistantship application?

  • Your contact information, a resume, cover letter, and three references are to be included in your application.

Do the rankings in the application matter?

  • The rankings in the application exist for providers with multiple assistantships to know if there is a specific assistantship you prefer most. Additionally, There is an option to rank them AND to select that you want to be considered for all assistantships available.

Is there a limit on how many assistantships I can apply for?

  • No! You can indicate interest in as many or as few assistantships as you would like.

Do I need to write a cover letter for each assistantship I'm interested in?

  • You only need to write one generalized cover letter for your application.

What if a department I would like to work in does not have an assistantship listed?

  • Available assistantships differ each year. While some departments might not have assistantships available, we recommend you reach out to estbalish a connection with them so you can volunteer or potentially hold a practicum in their office.
  • If you are interested in a graduate assistantship in Recreational Sports, please visit their website for more information on availability and their application process.

What about applying to other assistantships on campus?

  • This particular process is reserved for assistantships in Student Affairs and partner departments. If you're interested in assistantships in other areas across campus, we recommend reaching out to them directly to see what they have available.

Do I need to be in a student affairs focused program to hold an assistantship?

  • No, there is no requirement to be in a student affairs focused program to be considered for an assistantship. We employ graduate assistants from a wide-variety of programs throughout UGA.

Will interviews or the Graduate Assistant Campus Day be in person or online?

  • Both interviews and Campus Day programming will take place online this year.

What all is included in an assistantship stipend?

  • Each stipend may include different requirements and compensation; we recommend viewing the position descriptions or contacting the employer directly.

If offered an assistantship position, when do we need to make a decision by?

  • The national deadline is April 15, 2022. If you are not interested in a position or intend to attend a different institution, it is recommended you let the assistantship provider know as soon as possible so they can begin contacting other candidates.

I applied but haven't heard back from any departments. When should I reach out?

  • Department's will receive candidate information as applications are open. Each department is different in when they begin scheduling interviews with candidates. Some might schedule on a rolling basis while other's might wait until after the deadline to apply has passed. 
  • If you have not received an invitation to schedule an interview and it as passed the deadline for interviews to be scheduled, please contact us at 



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