Steps for Experiential Learning Designation

The University Curriculum Experiential Learning subcommittee reviews and approves programs based on the following criteria:

  1. Student engagement in the activity is equivalent to the time spent in a one-credit hour course (approximately 45 hours minimum, but other intensive activities may apply)
  2. Students engaged in the activity receive significant mentorship/advisement/supervision, training, and feedback from a qualified UGA Student Affairs staff member
  3. Participants engage in summative and significant reflection, discussion, evaluation, and/or an exit interview at the conclusion of the program
  4. The activity can be classified as a creative, global, internship, leadership, research, or service experience
  5. The activity has measurable student learning outcomes in two of the following areas: challenge, ownership, and self or social awareness

UGA Student Affairs employs a centralized approach to the Experiential Learning proposal and designation process.

  • Complete the Student Affairs Experiential Learning intake form
    • Submit any additional materials that may be helpful in the proposal submission process (e.g., applications, position descriptions, organization constitutions) to Erin Ciarimboli.
    • Samples of completed intake forms may be found here: Internship    Leadership
  • Office of the VP staff will draft a formal Experiential Learning proposal, in collaboration with your department.

After receiving approval from the University Curriculum Experiential Learning subcommittee, EL activity directors are responsible for managing the EL-designated activity in accordance with both institutional and divisional expectations.

  • Before the Experiential Learning activity
    • Attend training for EnGAge Georgiathe online activity management tool employed by the Office of Experiential Learning
    • Verify all Experiential Learning program details are updated and correct in EnGAge Georgia
    • Add all anticipated participants to each EL program in EnGAge Georgia
  • During the Experiential Learning activity
    • Employ EnGAge Georgia as desired to manage student participation in the Experiential Learning activity
  • Following the Experiential Learning activity
    • Verify student participation/completion of requirements in EnGAge Georgia