Professional Award Opportunities

In the spirit of promoting the impact of UGA Student Affairs departments and staff, Learning and Strategic Initiatives has compiled a list of award and recognition opportunities from professional organizations related to student affairs. LSI recognizes this is not an exhaustive list and welcomes the contribution of additional award opportunities, as we make regular updates to this document. Staff are encouraged to review the document and showcase the excellent work of UGA Student Affairs by nominating a colleague, department, or program.


Professional Award Writing

- Submission deadlines can sneak up, therefore consider timetables far in advance

- Ensure that you include direct examples addressing each aspect of the award criteria/rubric within the description of the initiative/program you are submitting

- Concisely state the entire narrative by emphasizing important details and omitting nonessential details

- Maintain focus on how the initiative/program created a meaningful experience for students

- Invite members of the Division of Student Affairs to review your proposal

- Notify Learning & Strategic Initiatives and Communications & Marketing Initiatives of your submission

- Be proud of the work other members of the Division of Student Affairs have done and don’t sell your and/or your colleagues’ efforts short

- Visit the Learning and Strategic Initiatives website to see what professional association’s awards align with the initiative/program you intend to submit

- Recruit members of the Division of Student Affairs to write letters of support (number of letters of support needed will vary based on award)

- Letters of support should all share different aspects of the ways the initiative/ program fostered student learning and brought value to the campus community

- A compelling/comprehensive understanding of why the initiative/program deserves to be considered for the award

- Remember, the individuals evaluating your submission are not familiar with UGA or the Division of Student Affairs, so provide plenty of context

- Both qualitative and quantitative data to show how the initiative/program impacted UGA students

- Student testimonials depicting how this initiative/program affected them

- Usage of Assessment Data

* What were your intended learning outcomes?
* To what extent/how were your intended learning outcomes met?
* If applicable, in what way(s) did your initiative/program stand out in comparison to previous attempts and/or years?

- Articulate how student development, involvement, and learning occurred

- Highlight relevant theory utilized when creating the initiative/program

- If applicable, demonstrate evidence of institutional partnerships

- Convey systems established to secure the sustainability of the initiative/program


Click here to view a list of award opportunities.

Professional Award Opportunities