Living the Mission Award

As a contributor to student learning at UGA, the Division seeks to enhance its ability to offer significant learning experiences both inside and out of the classroom that impact all dimensions of student growth and development. This award recognizes a group of individuals that have demonstrated a concerted effort to promote the mission of UGA Student Affairs to enhance the learning environment for students. 

Nominees will be evaluated on one or more of the following areas:

  • Integrating the Pillars of Student Success framework into their work
  • Delivering programs and services that address the current and emerging student profile
  • Adapting programs and services to address the needs of all students


2016-2017 Award Winners

Student Veterans Resource Center Team

The Student Veteran Resource Team’s Transition and Readiness Coaching programs are commendable examples of delivering programs that address the current and emerging student profile. After identifying the challenges that student veterans face during their transition to UGA and post-graduation, the SVRC Team designed the coaching programs to actively engage student veterans in co-curricular learning activities that posture them for a purposeful UGA experience and for success following graduation. 


Past Award Recipients


Taylor Cain, Tate Student Center
Tory Cutting, Tate Student Center
Liz Delaney, Tate Student Center

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