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Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Emerging Leader award recipient, Becki Bury!


Becki's nominator had the following to say:

“It is a joy to nominate Becki Bury for the Emerging Leader Award, as she consistently exceeds responsibilities, while demonstrating a commitment to Student Affairs goals, collaborating with campus partners to support student success, and engaging with students. Becki is a strong leader in University Housing and serves as the assistant director for academic and student leadership. She is self-motivated, goal-oriented, intelligent, diligent and personable. Her strengths lie in her ability to communicate and build relationships with students and staff. In her current role, Becki oversees the department’s academic initiatives, student programming and engagement efforts, and student leadership efforts. This is a critical position, as she is actively building a student’s residential experience.

In her role, Becki is integral in ensuring student learning outcomes are achieved during a student’s time on campus. She is building a residential curriculum, which ties directly to our larger Student Affairs 2025 strategic plan. Within the curriculum design, she is working to make certain outcomes are aimed to address student needs and priorities. Through her leadership in this effort, Becki built collaborative relationships with faculty partners across campus who oversee several living-learning initiatives in the residence halls. Her efforts have resulted in regular meetings with these partners to guarantee the success of these student initiatives. She also streamlined several MOUs to better outline the partnership and outcomes for students.

Because Becki is so student-focused, it’s not surprising that RHA and student engagement initiatives have been thriving – even while under a global pandemic! Becki understands these are unusual times, but that student engagement and connections are more critical now than ever before. As a result, Becki has worked with other hall staff to develop monthly hall newsletters for residents. She has significantly grown hall social media pages to promote socially-distanced opportunities for students. She challenged her student leaders to use the pandemic as an opportunity to be creative in student engagement efforts. As a result, more than 1,500 programs for engagement or on essential skilled development or well-being/student success have been offered to students this academic year, with RHA holding 17 campus-wide events during the fall alone! One of her full-time staff members told me that Becki is the greatest example of what care for students looks like. She approaches her work with genuine concern for students’ best interests and works to provide guidance to others in order to build the best possible student experience.

Becki also serves as a strong advocate for equity among staff and students. She approaches her work to ensure we are creating inclusive residential environments. Becki serves as the housing representative to Embark@UGA meetings. As a member of this group, Becki partners with other departments to make connections with and provide resources to students who have experienced homelessness and foster care.

Not only is Becki’s care and concern for students evident, but she actively supports and mentors staff. She is a role model, and people feel comfortable speaking with her on personal and professional issues. She actively engages her team in the life of the department and encourages them to seek out opportunities for professional growth. She is considerate and appreciative of all the work housing staff members do, and has taken the time to recognize others for awards. During COVID, Becki supervised some temporary hall director positions responsible for working in the housing call center and helping students navigate steps after DawgCheck notifications.

In addition to participating in housing events and activities, Becki is active in professional organizations and attends conferences at the state, regional and national levels to expand her own knowledge. She uses the information learned to directly apply it to her work and towards departmental enhancements. In all of her roles and responsibilities, Becki is guided by her care for students and tireless work ethic. She is well-respected among students and staff, and it is her dedication, high caliber of work, and investment in students that have made her an exemplary leader. It is because of her significant contributions that Becki receives my highest recommendation for the Emerging Leader Award.”


Recipient: Individual

Do you have a staff member with enormous potential? Are you someone that isn’t “new” but feel that you continually exceed expectations?

This award recognizes a UGA Student Affairs staff member who has at least 3 years of professional experience, not all of which have to be in UGA Student Affairs. This staff member, regardless of position or title, exceeds the responsibilities of their position in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to student success.

Nominations will be evaluated according to one or more of the following criteria:

  • Performing job responsibilities in an exemplary manner
  • Inspiring others by demonstrating a commitment to the values, mission, and vision of UGA Student Affairs
  • Prioritizing a steadfast commitment to student success through their work
  • Positively impacting, engaging, and/or supporting the Division and UGA community
  • Contributing to their field through conference presentations, digital/print publications, or a volunteer role(s)
  • Nominee serves as a staff member in UGA Student Affairs with a minimum of 3 years of total professional experience (not only at UGA) at time of nomination

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