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The Office of the VP processes data requests for UGA Student Affairs employees who need access to information for business purposes, including data related to student demographics, contact information, academic performance, term information, academic details, pre-enrollment information, and student engagement. Faculty and students requesting data from UGA Student Affairs for research purposes must submit a UGA Student Affairs Research Request.

  1. We require a minimum of seven business days to complete data requests.
  2. Requests for access to data in the Student Affairs Data Block must demonstrate a legitimate educational purpose or business need to know.
  3. We reserve the right to withhold data for students who have placed restrictions on their personal information.
  4. Data Users must agree to comply with the Student Affairs Data Block Policy.
  5. Updated data for each semester is available approximately three weeks after the beginning of the semester. We will confirm that the requested data are available for the desired semester. We cannot, for example, provide currently enrolled data for the spring 2020 semester in December 2019. To provide the most accurate data for spring 2020 enrollment, we would wait until at least three weeks into the spring semester to provide the demographics of students enrolled for spring semester.

Requests for access to data contained in the Student Affairs Data Block must be submitted via the Student Affairs Data Block Access Request Form. Click here to preview the intake fields.

Student Affairs Data Block Policy

Student Affairs Data Block
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