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Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year are now CLOSED, and positions are in the process of being filled.

Please note that while the Graduate Assistantship Expo process does fill positions for many Student Affairs departments, some departments have their own internal process for filling graduate assistantship positions. Additionally, this process is not inclusive of all positions that may be available across the university. If you are looking for an assistantship, please consider reaching out to other departments directly to see what is available.


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All students enrolled in or applying to a graduate degree program offered at the University of Georgia are eligible to apply for graduate assistantships and/or employment opportunities through the Student Affairs Graduate Assistantship Expo. UGA Student Affairs is committed to serving as an educational laboratory for graduate students pursuing careers in Student Affairs. In line with this mission, preference may be given to applicants applying to or currently enrolled in the College of Education’s College Student Affairs Administration (CSAA) program or Counseling and Student Personnel Services program.

The Office of Vice President for Student Affairs (OVPSA) coordinates only the application and interview processes for selected graduate level assistantships and employment opportunities. Applicants should address questions regarding all other aspects of employment, including but not limited to tuition remission and payroll, to the appropriate assistantship provider.

Please note that while we do coordinate the selection process for many Student Affairs departments, our process is not comprehensive. Several Student Affairs departments conduct their own internal selection process, and there are an abunance of graduate assistantship opportunities across the university that will not be represented here. We encourage you to reach out to departments you are interested in working with to determine if they may have positions available for the upcoming year.

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