Consent for a
Background Investigation Process

Background Investigation Process

The background investigation request form is found on UGA HR's website,   

If you hover over the “Applicant” tab on the home screen, and click the “Pre-employment background investigations” link, it will take you to a screen where you can download the background request form.

All HR needs on that form is the department information and contact, and the applicant’s (the UGA volunteer's) first and last name, and email. 

Please select the check box if the candidate/s will be driving or handling cash/credit.

UGA HR will then send out an email to the applicant from UGA HR's background check vendor and the volunteer will begin the process of signing the consent form electronically. 

Please advise the volunteer to open an email from Sterling Talent Solutions: and follow the instructions on the email.

This is an online consent form and must be completed to determine the volunteer's eligibility to work/drive on UGA's behalf.

UGA HR will send an email to the department contact listed on the form once the background check is complete and the volunteer can then begin working.

Here is a link for the exact page where you can find the consent form: