Laronda Faust

Laronda Mosley

Building Services Manager– University Housing

Restorative – Responsibility – Input – Positivity – Communication

My hope is to provide the reader with a chance to reflect on how strong they truly are and what they can accomplish through healing.

Laronda is from Athens, GA and is a Building Services Worker in University Housing, specializing in Rooker Hall (located within East Campus Village, or “ECV,” for short). Laronda, like many of her building services peers, plays a critical role impacting the lives of students in a way that you might not initially recognize. Laronda works to ensure the space in which UGA’s students are living is a space that promotes learning and engagement. She enables students to feel like their residence hall is a home away from home. When it comes to developing thriving communities for our students, incredible staff members like Laronda help see that mission to fruition.

When you talk with Laronda, she is quick to note that there are so many things that she loves about her work that at times it’s hard to pick a favorite. Of the many, she said, “From my experience, it’s nice to have leadership that cares about us and to have supervisors that encourage us to grow. They see us as more than just a Building Services Worker or just someone that cleans things.” Laronda’s ability to seek potential growth opportunities is contagious. “Whether it is a workshop or a news article, I try my best to soak up as much as I possibly can. Working at a university is an incredible chance to learn and grow. I want to be as prepared as possible as a leader so that if I ever get the chance to be a supervisor,  I can invest in others the way that each of my supervisors has invested in me since I’ve been here.”

Her nominator wrote: “Laronda is great to work with. Whether it is her strong work ethic, exceptional standard for her work, or her desire to always learn more,she helps inspire others to provide great service to our students. Her passion for life is contagious and the impact she makes in the lives of those around her—students and staff alike–is immeasurable. It’s people like her that make working at UGA great!“

Besides work and being a parent, Laronda keeps busy with many different hobbies. Whether it’s arts and crafts, styling, interior decorating, or painting, she loves being able to use many different outlets to flex her creativity. “I am even in the process of completing a book about emotional healing. My hope is to provide the reader with a chance to reflect on how strong they truly are and what they can accomplish through healing. It’s my hope to complete it and get published. Not only to accomplish a goal I set for myself but so that way my children and children’s children have something to remember me by.”

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?: 

Right now I would say writing a book. It’s a chance for me to challenge myself to continue to learn and grow. I have to make time to work on it and it’s nice to have something for me to continue to invest in and to complete different writing goals I have for myself.

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