June Windate

June Windate, Business Manager II – Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

June Windate

Business Manager II – Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

2022 Student Affairs Commitment to Excellence Award Recipient
Your nominator wrote about how one aspect of your role as a Business Manager is to support student leaders and their organizations through the budgeting and All Campus Allocations process. What is something you have learned about yourself and others through that process? 
“I’ve learned that a single passionate student can have a desire to form a student organization relevant to a specific interest of theirs, be willing to pursue the student org registration process, and be patient in following the guidelines for gaining an invitation to the All Campus Allocations process….that student may leave his/her/their legacy by creating something that has the potential to last for years or even generations. And of course, I appreciate the partnerships with the dedicated staff in Engagement, Leadership, and Service and Dean of Students – Business Office who help with that very first step and each aspect of the budgeting process.
What is your favorite part about your job?

Interacting with incredibly talented and intelligent students as well as knowledgeable coworkers and staff across campus who don’t mind sharing their knowledge to assist others.”

Your nominator spoke about your passion for UGA events and willingness to volunteer to help with programs and events. Do you have a favorite memory or volunteer experience you’d like to tell us about?

“An immediate memory that comes to mind is helping with with University Housing move-in. It is such an exciting and busy day, you never know what might come up. Residence Hall elevators can get really crowded but televisions, futons, rugs etc. still need to make it up to their room so your only option might be to help them carry it up the stairs. Families are very appreciative and it’s fun getting to know new students and the folks that joined them to help move-in. You meet aunts, uncles, step-parents, brothers, sisters, and all kinds of folks. I really enjoy getting to “welcome” them by helping and getting to recommending a great restaurant for that evening when their hot, sweaty move-in work is done.”

Why UGA and Why UGA still?
If I was a potential candidate considering applying to (or accepting) a position in UGA Student Affairs, why should I? What about your role, the workplace, your experience, or the division makes you want to stay? 

“I began my career at UGA 15 years ago after almost 20 years of travel as a National Account Manager in the hardware industry. One of my favorite features of my previous job was meeting new people and establishing relationships.

Over the last 15 years, working in Student Affairs has allowed me to continue to stay engaged, learn new things, and have opportunity for advancement. Plus, you get to work with wonderful people!”

Athens, GA is known as being quite the fun college town with a lot to offer for the size. What are some things you like most about living and working in Athens?

“I highly recommend checking out Agua Linda for food, any UGA Athletics event for fun, and hiking at the State Botanical Gardens or Memorial Park for some fresh air and exercise.”

Thank you to June for her willingness to be interviewed for this staff development initiative. To connect with June, she can be reached at jwind@uga.edu.

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