Are you seeking opportunities to improve as a supervisor? 
Interested in professional development designed to grow your supervisory skills?
Want to expand your network among other supervisors through the Division of student Affairs?

Consider applying to be a part of the first Collective Coaching Circle for Supervisors!

Applications will be accepted until March 16th at 12:00pm.


A Collective Coaching Circle is an opportunity for supervisors to gain professional development through peer coaching. Peer Coaching takes place through conversations between colleagues as they individually and collectively reflect on their professional practices, share ideas, and gain knowledge to overcome supervisory obstacles.

The Division of Student Affairs is creating two Coaching Circles: one for supervisors of full-time employees and another for supervisors of student staff. If either of these describes your role, please consider applying for a Collective Coaching Circle!

Applications will be reviewed in consideration of availability and qualifications, with respect to diverse experiences.

  • Expand your knowledge on leadership and coaching, strengthen management skills, and overcome supervisory obstacles!
  • Between sessions, participants will have the opportunity to develop their supervisory skills by actively practicing coaching techniques in the workplace.
  • Join fellow Student Affairs colleagues across the division to connect, grow, and experience diverse professional and supervisory styles!
  • Term: Participants will commit to attending a two-hour meeting, once per month, from April 2020 to September 2020.
  • Preparedness: In order to fully engage in each session, participants will complete all preparation documents and review materials prior to all meetings.
  • Coaching Format: Participants will adhere to the guidelines for group coaching conversations.
  • Team members must:
    • Be a full-time staff member in UGA Student Affairs.
    • Directly supervise at least one full-time staff member or student employee.
    • Obtain supervisor approval to join the Collective Coaching Circle.
  • Applicants are expected to have a conversation with their supervisor about participating in the Collective coaching Circle prior to applying.
    • Applicants will be asked to upload a signed letter of support from their supervisor (link below) as part of their application.
  • Applications must be submitted via the Qualtrics form. All fields are required. Please prepare content for each of the following prompts prior to visiting the proposal submission form. Click here to view the application questions. 

To indicate your interest participating in a Collective coaching Circle for Supervisors, complete the application found at the link block below.

Collective Coaching Circle for Supervisors: Application

Collective Coaching Circle for Supervisors Application Questions

Collective Coaching Circle for Supervisors- Supervisor Approval Form