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The entry to the Ramsey Student Center on UGA's South Campus.

The entry to the Ramsey Student Center on UGA's South Campus.

Ramsey Student Center Annual Report

With more than 875,000 student visits this year, the Ramsey Student Center served as one of the go-to locations for student engagement. 77% of UGA students use the facilities and programs in Recreational Sports regularly. Nearly 700 students participated in Outdoor Recreation trips or clinics, and almost 1,900 individuals tackled RecSports’ Challenge Course. 1,925 students represented the University in intercollegiate competition on one of UGA’s 41 Club Sports teams, winning a national championship in golf and conference championships in ice hockey and women’s rugby.

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Students attending an English Lecture class.

Academic Partnerships and Initiatives

As a full partner in UGA’s curricular learning, the Division of Student Affairs offers in-class learning opportunities, as well. 469 students enrolled in 18 credit-bearing courses hosted by Student Affairs departments this year. UGA Student Affairs has also made a direct entry into the research mission of the University. 237 faculty partnered on Student Affairs programs, and Student Affairs departments hosted or conducted 34 faculty research projects. The Division named three inaugural recipients of its Faculty Research Grants, supporting projects that will assess the social and financial impact of the UGA Food Scholarship, examine family relationships when students transition to college and investigate plans to improve water quality.

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Students participating in an IMPACT Service Learning Experience.

IMPACT Service Learning,
a student's experience

Clifvonne Webb, a student participant in IMPACT in 2017, describes her service learning experience:

"It never ceases to amaze me how my timeless involvement in IMPACT vastly contributes to my development as a peer leader and active citizen. IMPACT has challenged me in ways I could not have imagined. It has taught me the importance of incorporating both my strengths and weaknesses to be an effective leader. Additionally, it provided me with a resource of passionate and empathetic individuals, who engaged with me in thought-provoking dialogue concerning the issues in today’s world."

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in the nation for service to student veterans
(source: Victory Media’s Military Friendly Schools 2017 rankings)