Student Transitions

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About Student Transitions

The Department of Student Transitions provides dedicated support for key times of student transition, including entry into the University, development of educational pathways and fields of study, changes in residential status or funding, and preparation for future study or work following graduation.

Student Transitions offers robust programs and connect students to Student Affairs and campus resources in order to help students effectively navigate times of transition and continue timely progression to graduation.

Student Transitions collaborates closely with campus partners to innovate and integrate transition resources and meet students’ unique needs, particularly underrepresented, rural, first-generation, transfer, and other underserved student populations.




  • Welcome UGA 

    Welcome UGA is a campus wide effort to celebrate and support first-year, transfer and returning students to campus at the beginning of each semester. With fun events, open houses, information fairs, and late-night programming, the first few weeks of each semester are filled with numerous opportunities to acclimate to campus, make new friends, and start building great memories!

    The great thing about WelcomeUGA is that there are opportunities that range in size, location, and focus—you are sure to find something that interests you!

    There are WelcomeUGA events almost every day during the first six weeks of classes, they’re free (with a valid UGA ID), and they’re an awesome way to meet new UGA students and build connections on campus.


  • Dawg Camp

    Dawg Camp is a nationally renowned extended orientation program designed to assist students with their transition into the University of Georgia community. These programs allow participants to meet other incoming students and connect with current campus leaders in the spirit of UGA’s history and traditions over the course of multiple days. Dawg Camp provides a foundation for a successful college experience by exposing participants to student life, exploring common transition topics, and engaging in fun and dynamic activities. This is also an opportunity to develop close friendships and meaningful skills to thrive in the first year of college.

    Beyond our summer experiences, Dawg Camp offers a fall first-year leadership course along with a series of specially curated fall events designed to assist new students in navigating their new campus home and finding their place in Bulldog Nation.


  • Transfer Student Experience 

    Student Transitions is committed to supporting transfer students through their move to the University of Georgia by cultivating a sense of belonging, assisting students in building personal networks, and providing intentional programming. We help students adjust to their new home.

    The Transfer Student Experience (TSE) is a network of programs and resources designed to help you interact and connect with other students as you transition to becoming a successful student at the University of Georgia. We know that every student’s experience coming into UGA is unique, and we want to personalize your experience as much as we can so that we can offer you the support you need to be successful at UGA. We do this through a combination of sharing resources, programming and events, and creating connections and mentorship opportunities.

    The Transfer Peer Mentor Program connects incoming transfer students with current UGA students who were transfer students themselves. They have been selected and trained to answer any questions you might have about being a student, and are looking forward to getting to know you! Applications to be a part of this program will open in July.

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