Pillars of Student Success

Poster of the Pillars of Student Success: Engagement, Intellect, and Character

What are the Pillars of Student Success?

To focus our efforts on enhancing the learning environment and supporting student success, UGA Student Affairs adopted the Pillars of Student Success. The three Pillars of Student Success—Engagement, Intellect, and Character—and their associated learning priorities serve as UGA’s explicit commitment to our students. We commit to providing and supporting experiences that facilitate learning in the areas of Engagement, Intellect, and Character.


Civic Engagement – Individual and collective action designed to make a difference in our communities
Teamwork – Working effectively with others toward a shared goal
Inclusion – Examining and challenging behaviors that prevent full and equal participation of all people


Critical Thinking – Logical and reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do
Application of Knowledge – Meaningful use of ideas, experiences, and knowledge
Communication – Effective exchange of information in a variety of contexts


Ethical Reasoning – Examining coexisting personal and community values to guide our actions
Self-Identity – Understanding intersections of our identities, values, and abilities
Well-Being – Optimizing multiple dimensions of wellness to live a satisfying and productive life