Academic Partnerships & Initiatives
Matthew Waller
Chief of Staff, Student Affairs

UGA Student Affairs supports the research enterprise of the University of Georgia in a variety of ways, one of which is partnering with faculty, students, and other researchers. Researchers interested in partnering with UGA Student Affairs must complete the Research Request Form (see below). Click here to preview the intake fields.

UGA Student Affairs employees who consider conducting research in the Division of Student Affairs should contact Matt Waller ( for consultation on their research request.

UGA Student Affairs employees who need access to information for business purposes, including data related to student demographics, contact information, academic performance, term information, academic details, pre-enrollment information should visit Learning & Strategic Initiatives’ data request website


Please note the following: 

  • Research requests require up to 10 business days to process. 
  • For requests that include access to student data, Student Affairs reserves the right to withhold data for students who have placed restrictions on their personal information. 
  • Researchers and any of their affiliates with potential access to data provided by Student Affairs must agree to comply with the Student Affairs Data Block Policy. 
  • Research requests are reviewed in consideration of: 
    • Alignment between the values of Student Affairs and/or the mission of a Student Affairs department and the purpose of the research project   
    • Alignment between the specific data requested and the defined purpose for accessing the data, if applicable 
    • Supporting materials, if applicable 
    • Other research requests 
    • Scope of the request 
    • Student Affairs and institutional priorities 
    • Student Affairs and institutional initiatives  

Research Request Form