Penji at UGA

The Division of Student Affairs and the Division of Academic Enhancement at UGA are partnering with Penji, a student focused scheduling and communications platform that serves as an interface between UGA support centers and students. 

What is Penji?

Penji is a UGA Approved Vendor that meets FERPA and University Data Classification and Protection standards. Penji has been approved by the University to communicate important University dates and events to students in accordance with the UGA Privacy Policy

What does Penji do?

Penji provides effortless scheduling for students engaged in peer tutoring at UGA. Students can easily see the availability of tutors and schedule a time to meet with them using the Penji app. Additionally, Penji has just introduced new functionality called Pathways. With Pathways, students can see an individualized task list of important University events and reminders in a “checklist” style format and receive communications for important dates like drop/add deadlines or scheduling advising via text and email.  Once a student has completed one of their tasks, they can mark it as complete, or, keep it on their list for future reference.

Download the Penji App