Employees tend to feel anxious in their first week due to the uncertainty inherent in starting something new. UGA Student Affairs Onboarding Checklist Items for day three focus on establishing an understanding of department culture.

  • Share a brief history of the department and its philosophical foundations. Specific items to address may include:
    • When the department was founded
    • Evolution of the department (e.g. department name changes, absorption of additional responsibilities or programs)
    • “Fun facts” about the department (e.g. previous uses of the building that the department is currently housed in, notable alumni)
    • Department vision, mission, and values
    • How the department supports UGA Student Affairs’ vision, mission, and values
  • Review the department organization chart and address how various areas of the department interact with one another. Additionally, discuss how the department fits into the UGA Student Affairs organization chart and common connections or partnerships with other Student Affairs units.
  • Share department/area norms. Norms to consider addressing include, but are not limited to:
    • Whether staff tend to keep their doors open or shut
    • Whether staff tend to eat lunch together or independently
    • Whether/how birthdays and other life events are acknowledged/celebrated
    • Beverage/food co-ops (e.g. coffee rotations, on-your-honor pay box for snacks)

Onboarding Checklist

This is a downloadable and printable pdf of the onboarding checklist, so that supervisors can track their new staff member's progress.