UGA Student Affairs fully embraces the University’s emphasis on rigorous learning experiences, hands-on research, and leadership opportunities. Some of the longest lasting impressions from UGA students’ college careers will be from their involvement with Student Affairs. Through our focus on the engagement, intellect and character of each student, we take great pride in the value that Student Affairs’ learning experiences add to a University of Georgia degree.

To guide our efforts with students, we have committed to a common learning framework, anchored in Engagement, Intellect, and Character and supported by their associated learning priorities. In all of the experiences we provide that facilitate student learning, this framework directs our work.  

  • Civic Engagement – Individual and collective action designed to make a difference in our communities
  • Teamwork – Working effectively with others toward a shared goal
  • Inclusion – Examining and challenging behaviors that prevent full and equal participation of all people
  • Critical Thinking – Logical and reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do
  • Application of Knowledge – Meaningful use of ideas, experiences, and knowledge
  • Communication – Effective exchange of information in a variety of contexts
  • Ethical Reasoning – Examining coexisting personal and community values to guide our actions
  • Self-Identity – Understanding intersections of our identities, values, and abilities
  • Well-Being – Optimizing multiple dimensions of wellness to live a satisfying and productive life
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Annie Carlson Welch
Assistant to the VP for Student Affairs – Learning & Improvement