Academic Partnerships & Initiatives
Matthew Waller
Chief of Staff, Student Affairs

To work toward a seamless integration of curriculum and co-curriculum and to add perspectives of student affairs professionals when discussing student learning, the Division of Student Affairs sponsors one Faculty Learning Community each academic year.


2019-2020 FLC on the Intersections of Academic Success and Well-being in Learning Environments
Student well-being is directly linked to success in the classroom and beyond and plays a critical role in retention, progression, and graduation. The most common wellness barriers to student success nationally are: stress, anxiety, sleep difficulties, depression, concern for a friend/family member, finances, illness and relationship difficulties (American College Health Association national survey 2017).  Seven of the top ten academic disruptions are health/mental health/wellness related issues. This FLC will take a deep dive look at the intersection of wellness and academic success with the goal of developing a toolkit of classroom interventions for faculty.  

Facilitated by: Beate Brunow, Jennifer Hester, Liz Prince


2018-2019 FLC on the Intersections of Active Learning, Student Development, and Student Success

Numerous studies indicate that active learning, which is broadly defined as engaging students in their learning, enhances students’ academic performance (Prince, 2004). Other studies demonstrate the need to consider student characteristics to promote student success (Tinto, 2006).  This FLC will explore active learning, student development theory, and the emerging profile of UGA students in order to design pedagogical approaches and strategies that promote student learning, development, and success.  

Facilitated by: Kara Fresk and Beate Brunow