Financial Information for Student Organizations

Student Affairs Business Office
126 Tate Student Center
Athens, GA 30602

Student ​Activity Fee Guidelines

Spending guidance for student organizations that receive allocations of student activity fees

Agency Accounts

General information for Agency Accounts and Custodial Funds.


Steps to submit reimbursements for members of student organizations

Requesting a New Agency Account

How to request a new agency account for a student organization

​Management of Private Funds

Recommended business practices for student organizations with private funds

​Food Purchase Policies

Specific guidance for food purchases at the University

​Student Travel Information

Specific guidance for student travel within the University.

Entry Fee Policy

Information about paying for individual entry fees.

​P-Card Purchases

Information for making purchases with University P-cards

​Petty Cash

How to request a petty cash withdrawal from the Business Office


Information about making purchases in UGAMart

Sales Tax

Sales tax information for student organizations

Charitable Contributions

How student organizations can make donations to charities


Information about fundraising for student organizations