Pillars of Student Success Prime Experiences

What are PRIME Experiences?

Current Experiences

Designation Process

Each department in UGA Student Affairs has the opportunity to showcase experiences designed to facilitate significant learning related to the Pillars of Student Success. Leadership within each department works in consultation with members of the Pillars of Student Success Team to annually identify these experiences.

Designation as  a PRIME Experience confirms that a UGA Student Affairs program, event, or service is designed to facilitate significant learning. Significant learning is characterized by sustained engagement through multiple touchpoints, application beyond the collegiate experience, and learning through a combination of learning methods. In addition to embodying the characteristics of significant learning, PRIME Experiences must also meet the following criteria.

  • The learner must be active or engaged, rather than passive.
  • The experience should have both learning outcomes specific to the experience and learning outcomes intended to transcend the experience.
  • Plans must be in place to formally assess the experience.
  • An improvement plan based on assessment results must be submitted on a regular basis. 

Pillars of Student Success Team

The Pillars of Student Success Team is a representative body comprised of UGA Student Affairs staff and campus partners. The team establishes and oversees the process of designating Pillars of Student Success PRIME Experiences. Members work closely with assigned departments to develop learning plans that establish the PRIME Experience as a significant learning opportunity. At the conclusion of each year, team members work with their assigned departments to analyze assessment findings and develop improvement plans.

2015-2016 Pillars of Student Success Team:

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