Pillars of Student Success Experiences

What are Pillars of Student Success Experiences?

Pillars of Student Success Experiences are UGA Student Affairs programs, events, and services endorsed to facilitate learning in the areas of Engagement, Intellect, and Character. All Pillars of Student Success Experiences:

  • directly align with Pillars of Student Success learning priorities;
  • are designed as intentional learning experiences; and  
  • undergo regular assessment for the purpose of improving student learning.

The designation process endorses two types of Pillars of Student Success Experiences – Learning Experiences and PRIME Experiences.

Learning Experiences

Any UGA Student Affairs program, event, or service that meets the following requirements may be designated as a Learning Experience.

  • The experience must have at least one defined learning outcome. 
  • Any learning outcomes for the experience must have a direct and authentic connection to at least one Pillars of Student Success learning priority.
  • The format of the experience is likely to produce the learning outcome(s).
  • Plans must be in place to evaluate whether intended learning occurred.

Staff interested in designating their program, event, or service as a Learning Experience, should visit the Pillars of Student Success Learning Experiences page to review submission requirements and access the online submission form.  

PRIME Experiences

Each department in UGA Student Affairs has the opportunity to showcase up to three experiences designed to facilitate significant learning. Significant learning is characterized by sustained engagement through multiple touchpoints, application beyond the collegiate experience, and learning through a combination of learning methods.

Staff interested in designating their program or service as a PRIME Experience should consult with their supervisor.