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Department(s): University Health Center

Location: Tate Intersection

Thursday, November 14, 2019
3:30pm to 4:30pm


A Women & Wellness Discussion Group
No registration required

Fempowerment is a workshop series that focuses on the intersection of womanhood and wellness. Womanhood in this context encompasses anyone who identifies as a woman or identifies with femininity. Through these workshops, students will analyze components of dating and relationships, appearance and body image, and healthy sexuality. Fempowerment challenges students to learn about systems that impact womanhood, reflect on their own experiences, and be exposed to diverse opinions to facilitate personal growth and wellness. Inspired by the FemSex @ Berkley movement. Sep 5, Tate Intersection - Women & Relationships

Sep 19, Tate 482 - Gender Expression & Appearance

Oct 3, Tate 482 - Body Image & Vulva Diversity

Oct 17, Tate Intersection - Virginity

Oct 31, Tate Intersection - Birth Control & EC

Nov 14, Tate Intersection - Anatomy & Sexual Pleasure

For more information: www.uhs.uga.edu/bewelluga

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