Academic Partnerships & Initiatives
Matthew Waller
Chief of Staff, Student Affairs

Established in 2013, the Student Affairs Academic Advisory Board is comprised of faculty members from a range of disciplines and representatives from academic units. It is a group of thought leaders who care deeply about student success and the work of the Division of Student Affairs. Members of the Advisory Board support our mission, vision, and values, provide guidance and expertise, and serve as ambassadors for student success and for a holistic and inclusive student experience.


Members of the Advisory Board, 2020-2021

Dr. Paul Brooks , AVP for Public Service & Outreach (2014)

Julia Butler-Mayes, Director of Academic Advising (2018)

Dr. Paige Carmichael, Professor in the Department of Pathology (2015)

Dr. Francis Fluharty, Professor of Animal and Dairy Science (2019)

Dr. Mark Huber, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management Information Systems (2018)

Dr. Janice Hume, Professor in Journalism (2019)

Meredith Johnson, Executive Director of the Alumni Association (2018)

Dr. Libby Morris, Professor of Higher Education (2014)

Dr. Naomi Norman, AVP for Instruction (2016)

Dr. John Schramski, Associate Professor, College of Engineering (2015)

Dr. Cara Simmons, Director of the Student Success and Advising Center, College of Family and Consumer Sciences (2015)

Dr. Ron Walcott, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School (2019)

Dr. Janet (Jan) Westpheling, Professor in the Department of Genetics (2013)

Dr. Shannon Brooks, Director of the Office of Service Learning (2013)


Former Members

Dr. Suzanne Barbour, Dean of the Graduate School (2015-2019)

Dr. Tina Harris, Professor in the Department of Communication Studies (2013-2019)

Dr. Loch Johnson, Professor of International Affairs (2013-2019)