Intended Plan Outcome

The Student Affairs mission is to inspire students to engage meaningfully, grow intellectually, and build character so they will create thriving communities. To fulfill this mission, over the next five years, Student Affairs will...

Foster a greater sense of belonging and commitment to creating positive change among UGA students

Achieving this outcome will require the creative and dedicated efforts of faculty and staff across Student Affairs.

As student needs become more diverse, new technologies emerge, mental health challenges become more prominent and complex, financial challenges for many persist, generational and cultural changes take root, and the student population grows, ensuring that all students feel at home and develop a strong sense of belonging at UGA has become even more challenging.

In working with UGA students, Student Affairs has an important opportunity, and responsibility, to empower and support students to find strength and belonging in the UGA community. Inclusive of a student’s background, life experiences, entry point, or field of study, Student Affairs provides invaluable points of connection, transition, and growth. To help every learner today flourish, Student Affairs resources and support must become even more integrated, adaptive, and personalized to meet the unique needs of individuals and identified student populations, including underrepresented, rural, first-generation, and other underserved students.

Commitment to creating positive change extends from the individual to the community and world. Students practice and realize their own skills, engagement opportunities, and well-being at UGA as they learn to take effective action in serving others, and addressing the grand challenges of our time on a national and global scale. Increasing a student’s sense of belonging and commitment to creating positive change improves not only a student’s experience at UGA but their capacity for leadership and stewardship in creating more healthy, prosperous, and stable communities in Georgia and around the world.

Through the Student Affairs 2025 plan, Student Affairs will provide critical leadership and support for UGA students to immerse fully in the campus experience, practice the skills, and develop the mindsets they will need to reach their fullest potential, at UGA and in life.

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