The Student Affairs 2025 plan provides a vision to advance the University of Georgia and Student Affairs missions, enrich student learning and support student development and growth, and create an even more valuable and memorable student experience at UGA. Increasing a student’s sense of belonging and commitment to creating positive change improves not only a student’s experience at UGA but their capacity for leadership and stewardship in creating more healthy, prosperous, and stable communities in Georgia and around the world.

To achieve this outcome, the Student Affairs 2025 plan features three interrelated strategies that build on Student Affairs’ core strengths in student development, engagement, and well-being.

In support of these strategies, Student Affairs will undertake a number of key initiatives, repurposing existing resources and staff.

Through the Student Affairs 2025 plan, Student Affairs will provide critical leadership and support for UGA students to immerse fully in the campus experience, practice the skills, and develop the mindsets they will need to reach their fullest potential, at UGA and in life.

Key Initiatives

  • Essential Skills Development and Experiential Learning
    Student Affairs will join in University-wide efforts to increase student awareness and development of skills essential for personal and professional success.
  • Engagement, Leadership, and Service
    Student Affairs will unite existing staff from two departments to lead student engagement, leadership, and service for the campus, infusing leadership, service, and common advising across all types of student involvement.
  • Digital Student Engagement
    Student Affairs will provide new and enhanced digital service and content delivery to students to provide more personalized, interactive, and proactive resources and support.
  • Student Transitions
    Student Affairs will refocus existing staff and resources to provide dedicated support, in coordination with campus partners, for key times of student transition.
  • Well-being and Success
    Student Affairs will bring together expertise across the division to increase student engagement in well-being and success through integrated well-being resources and support for students.

Interrelated Strategies

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Essential Skills

Improve student development of essential skills (e.g. agility, collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership)

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Increase meaningful student engagement on campus and in the community

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Well-being & Success

Increase student well-being and success across the educational experience

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