Beginning in May 2019, Student Affairs engaged a 2025 planning process in alignment with University strategic planning.

Student Affairs committed to planning as a primary means to provide a shared vision to advance the University of Georgia and Student Affairs missions, enrich student learning and support student development and growth, and create an even more valuable and memorable student experience at UGA.

Directors of departments across Student Affairs, along with the division’s senior Administrative Team, other key staff, students, and numerous campus stakeholders participated in or supported three concurrent working groups, which met for nearly six months in 2019. The working groups were broadly organized around the three interrelated strategies now at the heart of the plan: Essential Skills, Engagement, and Well-being and Success.

The working groups examined each strategy in depth and considered available data, student perspectives, faculty and staff experience, organizational and operational needs, current resources, and potential opportunities. In particular, the groups sought opportunities to ensure that Student Affairs creates an even more meaningful experience for all students, utilizes resources most effectively, and integrates fully with institutional goals and the work of key stakeholders.

The efforts of the three working groups led directly to the emergence of the priorities and opportunities featured in this plan.

Find Out About the Intended Outcome for the Plan

Plan Components

The structure of the Student Affairs 2025 plan includes the following key components:

Student Affairs staff in all areas will contribute to reaching each of these measures.

Key Considerations for Student Affairs Faculty and Staff

This plan is a Student Affairs-wide endeavor, which requires the attention and effort of every Student Affairs staff member. As the strategies span student life at UGA, success will depend on integrating efforts beyond individual departments. It will require staff to share information more readily, leverage available data, work together more closely, and build and grow stronger connections across campus.

Student Affairs staff will need to be more proactive and forward-thinking than ever, innovating and uniting around additional opportunities to engage and inspire more students. For student-facing staff, this plan will continue a shift from a programmer to educator mindset. Staff will need to work together to adapt learning opportunities and services to have the most impact possible, helping to ensure that students develop the skills and mindsets they need to flourish at UGA and in life.

In short, achieving this plan depends on all staff working as a cohesive Student Affairs team.

As the key initiatives in the plan take shape, staff members should be open-minded and attentive to ways each individual can contribute to improving the student experience. While it will take time and there will be challenges and learning as these initiatives take effect, the long-term potential benefit for students is profound.