The University of Georgia at Gwinnett Student Handbook
UGA at Gwinnett Student Handbook

Safety First

Here are some reminders that can help insure your personal safety as a University of Georgia student:

  • Keep in mind that alcohol plays a large role in safety issues: drinking and driving, drinking and unwanted sex, drinking and violence, drinking and injuries. Making low risk choices about alcohol can have an impact on how safe you stay while in college.
  • Use the "buddy system." Always let someone know your plans. Tell someone where you will be.
  • When you are out walking, walk confidently, and be alert. Notice what is happening around you. Don't walk or jog in remote, isolated places; choose well-lighted, well-populated areas. It's better to avoid walking or jogging after dark.
  • Practice self defense. Carry your keys in your hands when walking to and from your car. Wearing a whistle is also a good idea-it's an excellent means of signaling danger.
  • Running tips: Always face the on-coming traffic. Wear reflective clothing or a reflective vest-this may be a city ordinance in your community. Carry some form of identification with you at all times, and run with a partner, if at all possible. Do not run while wearing headphones or anything else that prevents hearing someone come up behind you.
  • Use caution with your possessions. Always lock your car, and don't leave valuables in full view. Check the back seat and floors as you approach your car. Also, lock your bicycle; be sure that it is marked with an identifiable mark or number not related to personal identification. All valuable property should be properly marked.
  • Remember that if you ride a bike, you are required to follow the same rules of the road as cars and other vehicles. Always wear a helmet.
  • Be sure that you always lock your doors and windows, wherever you live. Practice all rules of home safety, such as fire precautions-don't overload electrical circuits and have a fire extinguisher handy.
  • If you should receive an obscene telephone call, hang up. Write down date and time of calls, so if calls continue you can inform police. Repeated calls should be reported to your local police.
  • Report unusual situations. If you’re on campus, call campus security personnel at 678-985-6800 or, if you’re off campus, call local police. If you are ever a witness to a crime or a victim, immediately report what you know to your local police or campus security personnel.